The Friends of Coyote Hills and the November 2012 Election: Measure W

Measure W gives the public a chance to overturn the Fullerton City Council’s approval of Chevron’s plan to build 760 houses and a shopping center on the 510-acre natural open space of West Coyote Hills. It’s our last chance to stop Chevron from destroying West Coyote Hills and Fullerton. Last year, we qualified our referendum to do just that. That got Measure W on the ballot for a public vote this November.

The Friends of Coyote Hills founded “A Better Fullerton – No On Measure W” to mobilize the public into political action – voting No On Measure W. As a 501c3 non-profit, we’re limited by IRS rules on participating in political activities. So we formed a new sister organization to continue our fight. We’re still here but we have to put on a different hat by law to urge people to Vote No On Measure W. With that, our sister organization has a new website at and do just that. Please do visit those sites to arm yourself with the facts so you don’t fall for Chevron’s slick political ads.

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