What Happened to Our Vote on Measure W?

May 1, 2013
Dear Supporter,
Last November 2012 , nearly 61% of Fullerton voters defeated Measure W because we do not want to see West Coyote Hills developed with 760 houses and a shopping center. Unfortunately, the Fullerton City Council failed to follow through on our vote by reversing the development approvals as should have happened with a successful referendum.
At first they claimed they needed time to educate themselves on the matter. The Friends of Coyote Hills met with each of them personally. We spoke at numerous Council meetings urging them to do the right thing and overturn the development as voters have directed them.
It’s been 6 months since the election, and they’ve purposely done nothing. This assures Chevron an easy application for a re-approval come November.
Does your vote matter? Should the City Council be allowed to get away with ignoring 61% of us voters? It’s up to all of us to hold the City Council accountable. Please let them know that you are on to them and that you expect them to take action now. Tell the Council to overturn all development approvals now. No more stalling!
        – Overturn all development approvals/ordinances including the EIR and zoning change
Please do this by leaving a message with their secretary at (714) 738-6311 or by emailing council@ci.fullerton.ca.us.
Thank you for taking action today!

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