A First Step Towards Acquisition

We have great news to share! Chevron is collaborating on an acquisition agreement that can lead to the preservation of all 510 acres of West Coyote Hills as an open space park. We think this is the greatest opportunity ever to save West Coyote Hills. To top that off, the Trust for Public Land (TPL.org), a premier national land conservation non-profit group, has agreed to lead the negotiation with Chevron. TPL brings over 40 years of experience in creating parks for people and a solid record of creating several hundreds of parks across the nation. They have deep knowledge of conservation finance, transactions, park design and development that we can leverage for saving West Coyote Hills.
While this is a giant step forward (we all agreed to agree :-), and we should savor and celebrate this moment, the work is not finished. An acquisition agreement needs to be achieved to turn this from a concept to specifics that can be executed. Of course, fundraising will be very key to success. But you know that we are not one to turn away from a challenge, and now we have even more friends (TPL, Chevron-Pacific Coast Homes, City of Fullerton, Mayor Doug Chaffee, State Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and more) to help us get to a “happily ever after” for this story.
Thank you so much for helping us turn the corner on saving West Coyote Hills, and we will bring you more news as this evolves.

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