Stand Up For Your Vote and a West Coyote Hills Park on 11/17/15

Dear Friend,

We really need your help! Please attend the November 17th Fullerton City Council Hearing when we will appeal the decision by the Fullerton Planning Commission that rejected a feasible acquisition plan to save West Coyote Hills as a park.
This isn’t just about a much needed park for this community. This is also about your vote in 2012 that rejected development in West Coyote Hills. It’s about to be ignored through fancy legal double speak. Here’s why.
After the 2012 Measure W vote where nearly 61% of the City rejected development of West Coyote Hills, we repeatedly asked the City to follow through our vote by overturning all development approvals. We exercised our constitutional right to veto our City Council’s decision. There were 6 development approvals that were intertwined. If one was disapproved, so goes the others. This is the “poison pill” language the City purposely wrote into the approvals.
The City stayed silent on Measure W. In 2013, the City and Chevron offered to discuss acquisition instead. We thought all parties were working in good faith for the last 2.5 years. Our end-goal is to save all of West Coyote Hills for a park for now and the future. We want to work constructively with Chevron to achieve this goal. So we took them up on the “Path Forward”.
We were shocked by the 9/30/15 publication of the VTTM (Vesting Tentative Tract Map) and its detailed acquisition terms. It has strayed so far from the feasible acquisition plan we have repeatedly discussed. We were not asking for much: a fair price, 3-5 years, phased acquisition in an order that gives the best bang for the buck. Compare that to the hundreds of pages of the VTTM and related documents where most of the Development Agreement we voted down in 2012 makes a reappearance.
It gets worse. As part of this VTTM, the City decides for the very first first time that Measure W did not overturn the development approvals. Chevron gets full development entitlement. They can appraise the land at the highest possible price for acquisition and we have only 1 year to raise all the money. Furthermore, the City’s lawyer said that the final decision is in the hands of the City Council. So effectively, whether we have a veto power over the City Council is the City Council’s decision, not the State Constitution!
If you care about your vote, if you care about saving Coyote Hills for a park, please show up at the 11/17/15 Hearing at the Fullerton City Council Chambers (6:30 PM, 303 West Commonwealth Ave, 92832) and let them know.

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