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Write to the City Council to let them know they need to respect our 2012 Measure W vote. We do not want development on West Coyote Hills. We want a fair chance to purchase the property from Chevron. The VTTM in front of them should not be approved on 11/17/15. Encourage Chevron to work with us on our modest requests.

In 2012, the people of Fullerton overwhelmingly voted against development in West Coyote Hills. The Friends of Coyote Hills is actively working with the City staff to raise the money to purchase the land for a park for now and future generations. There are real results, not just talk.
Do not approve the VTTM in front of you. It ignores my vote by stating Measure W did not overturn the development approvals. It does not give acquisition a fair chance. We need a fair price and we need 3-5 years to raise all the money to save this precious resource forever.
The Friends have already raised more than $1M. The City’s own grant writer is preparing to apply for about $10M in December and reported that the state agencies are uniquely cooperative for this acquisition. In addition, she said in the next year or two, there will be another $100M from Prop 1A for the LA and Orange County areas. There are also several million dollars from the OCTA M2 funds our County Supervisor Shawn Nelson is ready to fight for now.
Do not close the door on acquisition when real progress on fund-raising is gaining momentum. Do not approve the VTTM on 11/17/15. Encourage Chevron to work with the City and the Friends of Coyote Hills on a feasible chance for acquisition that will give them tens of millions of dollars in return.

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