Fullerton City Council Disappoints (Again)

Thank you so much for speaking up and showing up at the Fullerton City Council VTTM (Vesting Tentative Tract Map) Appeal on 11/17/15. The attendees were overwhelmingly in favor of a fair and feasible acquisition plan for a real chance at saving all of West Coyote Hills. We asked the Council once again to follow through on the 61% vote on Measure W. So many of you also wrote in to the Council for the same.

Sadly they did not listen. The Council sided with the Planning Commission and allowed the VTTM to pass with no changes.

The same arguments used at the Planning Commission against following through the 61% vote of the people were used by the council. One council member, Doug Chaffee, acknowledged Measure W did have the “poison pill” effect and should have overturned development approvals (Doug is an attorney by profession though he does not act in that capacity for the City). However, he didn’t want to fight this legally and would rather try to purchase what land we can now (at the highest possible price, ouch!). Doug has always been very supportive of saving Coyote Hills, so we think his heart is in the right place. Not sure about the vote though.

The VTTM process is not subject to a referendum. However, we continue to voice the concern that the process used here is illegal. Measure W should have overturned all development approvals. Chevron needs to reapply for development approvals before seeking approval for the VTTM. The City let them run to the home plate by skipping all the bases. That is not playing by the rules.

We are going to weigh all options including legal action before we make a decision in the coming weeks. We sure would love to hear from you as to what you would like to see as next steps. Please write to information@coyotehill.org.

Thanks again for showing up last night and standing together on this issue.


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