Our Next Step and How You Can Help

This time of the year, we are all inundated with requests for donations. I hope you will read this message and make a donation to save Coyote Hills.  It’s not just about a park anymore. It’s also about whether our votes matter.

As you know, the Fullerton City Council ignored our request for a fair acquisition plan for West Coyote Hills and approved Chevron’s Vesting Tentative Tract Map (VTTM) in November. In doing so, they ignored Fullerton voters’ virtual mandate for no development on West Coyote Hills. Instead of following through on Measure W by overturning all development approvals, the City Council did just the opposite. They let the development approvals stand which jacks up the price of acquisition. Combined with only a one year deadline to raise funds, this is a disingenuous offer for acquisition and in fact is more a sure path to development.

The Friends of Coyote Hills are prepared to take legal action to hold the Fullerton City Council accountable for their illegal actions. Measure W should have undone all development approvals. It was illegal for the City Council to approve the VTTM without development approvals. The Fullerton City Council ignored our constitutional right to referendum by choosing to not follow through with Measure W.

The deadline to file a legal challenge to the VTTM is 2/15/16. We were asked to postpone our court filing to allow the City and Chevron time to complete their appraisals (now delayed past 11/30/15).  We have agreed for now. Ultimately, we are looking for a fair chance to acquire West Coyote Hills for a park for our community. That was the spirit behind Measure W.

We need your help to hold the Fullerton City Council accountable for our Measure W vote. Make a tax-deductible donation now to our legal fund. With your support it can be done!  We can Save Coyote Hills.

As always, thank you for your enduring support.

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