Disappointing Measure W Lawsuit Ruling

On Monday, 10/31/16, the judge ruled against our Measure W lawsuit to uphold Fullerton voters’ decision to overturn the development approvals for Coyote Hills. Of course we are very disappointed. We had hoped that we voters would prevail.

Well, if there is anything you know about the Friends, it’s that we don’t give up easily. With your support, we have dedicated 15 years, thousands of volunteer hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars to saving Coyote Hills from development.

This is the legal process. We have 60 days to file an appeal. We are reviewing this option with our attorneys.

It may come as a surprise to many that the Friends, Chevron-Pacific Coast Homes and the City continued to meet to try to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom – even after we filed our lawsuit in February this year.

We remain even now, open minded and open hearted to continuing that dialog.

We will keep everyone updated on our next steps.

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