Help Meet Our $10,000 Challenge Grant

An avid runner enjoys dawn in West Coyote Hills, 2019. Photo by Adan Ortega.

We’re stepping up our effort to save all 510 acres of West Coyote Hills and so is a generous Fullerton donor who is putting up $10,000 to challenge the community to do the same.

Your support so far has resulted in the pending purchase of the east side of the site but our work is not finished. Our coastal sage scrub ecosystem that once ranged from Santa Barbara county to Baja California is endangered; the World Wildlife Fund estimates that only 15% remain undeveloped. This unique plant community is fragile and so are the animals that depend on it.

We need to save West Coyote Hills in its entirety so it can remain a viable habitat for the threatened and endangered animals that make its home there today. For example, it’s home to the biggest population of the endangered California gnatcatcher north of Baja California. This natural open space will protect the Lower San Gabriel River Watershed, and improve the recreational value of this 510-acre preserve, a local oasis in our densely urbanized environment. 

Please donate now! You can double your impact by matching our $10,000 challenge grant.

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