How Can It Be Saved ?

West Coyote Hills can be saved through acquisition using a combination of public and private funds. Public funds are available though federal, state and local governments. Funding can also come from other non-profit foundations, conservancies, and donors.  And in fact, often times, acquisition funding comes from a number of sources.
Currently, we have a real and unique opportunity in Orange County's Measure M2 Environmental Mitigation Program which has set aside more than $243 million dollars to protect the local environment. In 2010, West Coyote Hills was named on the program's “Group1”  (highest designation) project list for funding. Group 1 projects meet the program criteria of: high quality habitat, heterogeneous habitat, large size, aligns with impacted habitats, contains covered species. You and I are paying into this mitigation fund through fuel taxes. Let's put some of our money to work in our own community. It's time North Orange County get its fair share of parks!
In the past, California voters have shown that they are in favor of protecting open space, and have passed record bond acts in the past to support such efforts. Funding may still be available through propositions 50.