Why Save West Coyote Hills?

North Orange County Deserves Its Fair Share!

There is a great imbalance of parks and open space between North and South Orange County. North Orange County is highly urbanized with few parks and even fewer opportunities for new parks. Comparing parks per capita between North and South counties :
  • North Orange County has 1 acre per 246 people.
  • South Orange County has 1 acre per 6 people.
The National Recreation and Parks Association standard for parkland is 1 acre per 100 people. Within 7 miles of West Coyote Hills, there is only 1 acre per 356 people! Let’s not let the opportunity for a West Coyote Hills park slip away from us!

Respite From Dense Urban Living

We need to save West Coyote Hills because we need a respite from dense urban living. Orange County has become the second densest county in California, second only to San Francisco, and even denser than Los Angeles County . Keep in mind that North Orange County is even more urbanized than South Orange County.

Park for an Under Served Area

West Coyote Hills needs to be saved as a park resource for an underserved area. More than a million people live within a 7 mile radius of West Coyote Hills, making this an important regional issue.

A Unique Education Resource

West Coyote Hills needs to be saved as an educational resource for our children. Its unique ecology and archaeological history provide the perfect setting for an outdoor classroom. Children and college students will have a nearby place for field trips and field studies to learn about our natural world.